New Arrival

C40 TR Controller

For PS4™

Also compatible with PC

New Arrival

C40 TR Controller

For PS4™

Also compatible with PC



  • Swappable, Replaceable Modules

    Quickly and easily swap the Analog Stick or D-Pad Modules for consistently sharp performance. Setup the controller in either Offset or Parallel configurations. Replaceable Stick Caps provide added customization for a competitive advantage.

  • Tournament Ready

    Ready for any environment, the TR line of ASTRO Gaming products deliver premium design and performance for every type of gamer. All Tournament Ready products are designed and developed to meet the demanding specifications of pro gamers.

  • Trigger Stops

    Quickly and easily activate the trigger stops, which adjusts the trigger pull distance of your triggers, to allow hair trigger performance in most FPS titles.

  • Wireless Audio

    The C40 TR Controller delivers high fidelity game sound and voice chat in Wired and Wireless mode via the 3.5mm jack. Compatible with any gaming headset with a 3.5mm jack.

  • Wired/Wireless Functionality

    With the on-board Mode Switch, quickly change between Wired and Wireless Modes to adapt to any gaming environment. Compatible with any gaming headset with a 3.5mm jack.

  • Integrated, Remappable Rear Buttons

    Optimal rear button layout for superior ergonomics improves precision during critical moments. Mappability streamlines the controller for any genre and playstyle while improving response time and accuracy. Remap buttons directly on the controller with no PC software required.

  • 12+ Hours Battery Life

    Never worry about your gear quitting on you when you need it the most. 12 hours means you can outlast your game.

  • ASTRO C40 TR Configuration Software

    Create and save custom controller mapping and sensitivity profiles, as well as audio EQ profiles. Swap between 2 unique profiles, stored on the controller, with no down time.

  • Included Travel Case

    Travel safe and secure with the Travel case for the C40 TR Controller. Protect your controller, module, and tools all in one hard-shelled case. Ready for any environment, anywhere.


The C40 TR Controller is a fully customizable, high-quality pro controller built for the serious gamer. Durable and serviceable, the C40 TR Controller features swappable, replaceable analog stick and D-Pad modules as well as remappable rear buttons, allowing for multiple configurations and increased speed and accuracy for any playstyle and any genre. Seamless performance in wired or wireless modes with high-fidelity wireless audio. Free software to create and share custom controller profiles. With up to 12 hours of battery life, the C40 TR Controller is made to outlast your game.

Officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

This product is being developed under the official licensing program for PlayStation® by Sony Interactive Entertainment and is subject to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s final product approval.

This product is only available for sale in the US and Canada.

All C40 TRs come with a 6 month warranty.

Ships With

 ASTRO Gaming C40 TR Controller

On Controller:
2 Analog Stick Modules
2 Standard Height Concave Caps
1 D-Pad Module
1 D-Pad Plus Cover
C40 TR Faceplate

In Travel Case:
C40 TR Tool
2 Standard Height Domed Caps
1 Tall Height Concave Cap
1 Tall Height Domed Cap
USB Wireless Transmitter


2.0m USB Cable


C40 TR Controller SPECS

Power Input

Micro USB

Weight w/o Cable



168mm x 108mm x 53mm


Lithium Ion Rechargeable



Wireless Radio



3.5mm Jack

Wireless Latency



Switch between 2


Wired or Wireless

Thumbstick Control

Short or Tall Sticks

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man cave

Best Controller on the market

Simply amazing, worth every penny. so glad i didnt waste any money on a scuff. Hopefully more accessories are released soon.
Tyler Jeffrey

Finally an ELITE Controller for PS4

Hands down the best controller I have used for console. Upon watching some reviews, i was a little skeptical as i heard about stick drift as I mainly play FPS and when you are ADS the last thing you want is for your sights to drift off your target, and Astro fixed this, all you have to do is hold the button on the back till it rumbles, and then do it again and no more drift! I upgraded from the stock Dualshock controller, after weeks of contemplating whether to get the Astro C40, or the SCUF Vantage. I used a friends SCUF for roughly a week and ended up going with the Astro for a change. Needless to say I am BEYOND happy with the product. I have Astro's A40 TR with Mixamp and Mod Kit so adding the C40 has been a great addition to my gaming set up. I have had the Controller for about 3 weeks now and I have only one complaint about it, and that is you cannot turn the Playstation on with the PS button on the controller. Other than that, extremely pleased. Thanks for the great product!
Naptown, USA

The Epitome of Quality

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I purchased a Scuf Vantage before becoming aware of the C40's existence. Horrendous stick drift, comically large stick dead zones, and unreliable Bluetooth connectivity (to say nothing of the cheap, flimsy, and ill-fitting construction) left me dejected and looking to Reddit for salvation. Lo and behold, Scuf had a patch available which claimed to cure all of my Vantage's ills (save for their questionable material selection and parts tolerances, which make me wonder if they actually have mechanical engineers on staff, but I digress). However, I couldn't actually apply the patch because Scuf's updater repeatedly failed to find my controller and, subsequently, would close itself (so maybe no software engineers on staff either over there at Scuf HQ). WTF, mate, indeed.Fast forward a few days and that over-packaged piece of garbage has been returned to GameStop and I am the proud owner of a C40. This beauty is everything the Vantage was not. The build quality, both in terms of fit and finish, is just flipping aces all the way around. And get this, I worked right out of the box. IKR?!I have a couple minor quibbles (a tad too wide for my BLOATUS-sized hands, can't re-map the UL and UR buttons w/o connecting to my laptop, didn't make me an Apex god, didn't net me a GF), but nothing I won't be able to quickly adapt to. And now I can hop between streams in style.If you're reading this, you're probably vacillating between dropping two hundo on either the C40 or the Vantage. I hope I've made this an easier choice for you.Be well. Be kind. Later days, Willie Mays.
Chattanooga Tennessee

Worth the Purchases

Coming from standard controllers and switching to this one is a world of difference my hands are a little big so the comfort is there. I didn't even know about the programmable button options till I picked it up. By no means would I consider myself a pro gamer but a seasoned gamer. I would highly recommend this controller.
Las Vegas, NV

Awesome Start to an Awesome Controller!

This is a great first stab a a controller for you guys! The module system is brilliant and I think that gives you a HUGE edge against the competition. We seriously need to see something for the fighter game community as far as D-Pads go. I would like to see you pull off a trackball for another option.. I dont know why but that in my mind would be awesome to try out in a shooter. Could be wrong though. 4 buttons on the back would have pushed this controller over the top. Not sure why there was only two. The added software package was great. Being able to fine tune the sticks as well as trigger points is great feature for PS4 players that only XBox fans got to experience with the Elite Controller. I'm also a big fan of SCUF (the Vantage was trash though). The SCUF Impact was my go to controller for almost every game. You have knocked that out of top place solely because I can remap almost every button! You have an EQ adjustment for the headset port! Don't need that cause I use your mix amp, but if I'm on the PC or traveling I'm sure it would be handy. Triggers are a little on the oinky side as far as size but they feel great. I could go on for days, Awesome Controller!! Put the cherry on top with some innovative modules please, be the game changer...

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